Windsor Puppeteering Examples

Using COTS hardware and software to create affordable and simple to use/create digital puppetry that works in realtime. The majority of the puppets are opperated with a simple gamepad. There are a few two gamepad variants, and one that's made of legos and potentiometers pulled from gamepads. Once I get it repaired, I'll put some video up for lego creation.

The Fox and Crow was one of the earler digital puppetry experiments I did using one controller to control two different characters. One character was able to move around the environment as well. The fox and crow both eventually had other animations added to them. Talking pizza is a one controller talking head type digital puppet. Easy to operate, but a little limited in what it can do. A lot of people like the pizza, and it's a lot of fun. It's also so easy to control that I can have kids or older people operate it. The Moose was created for VBS for Dublin Baptist Church. I was animating/performing from the back of the church while down front the moose interacts with the children's minister.


Demo Reel Circa 2005 (640x480 resolution)


ACCAD Examples (more ACCAD stuff here and here)

These examples are from work that I did while working at the Ohio State University's Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design. I was very influenced by the more experimental works of Jim Henson and other puppeteers that worked on the Muppet Show and several of his other movies such as the Dark Crystal and Labyrinth.

This character was a body rig that included a lot of PVC pipes and some bottles. I really enjoy this type of capture for not only the end result, but the freedom and creativity that's involved is a lot of fun for me. This was a puppet using standard puppetry...sort of. It's modelled off of a regular hand puppet, but the eyes are moved by my feet and the eyebrows are moved via my other hand. This was my attempt at a
"Big Bird" type full body puppet. Very interesting to deal with. There's a lot of weight and motion transfer in this animation because I created a very free flowing rig instead of trying to solve toward a rigid skeletal system.


Giant Studios Examples

Examples from a few proof of concept mocaps. I started at Giant in the first year it was open. Since it was the beginning of a company, there was some time and a need for experimentation and proving what could be done with the technology. Giant is still pushing the envelope of what can be done with motion capture to this day.

I was responsible for motion capture, motion set up, character binding, and making certain the motion matched the video frames. Year was 2001. The piece is used to show the complexity of the motion as well as the ability to use non human performers in motion capture.  I was responsible for all motion capture set up and rigging as well as tracking, skeletal creation, etc. Technically a scorpion has eight legs, but this one has four.  The data is some I derived out of human crawling motion and then mixed together to get the look of shifting weight, etc.  I also modelled and rigged the creature.


Acclaim Entertainment Examples

A few very old videos from the Acclaim days. I wish I had more of the demo reels that we use to show to clients.

These are in the process of being digitized from a few old VHS tapes I ran across in my garage.