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To use my managerial and technical skills in order to provide quick, reliable solutions for CAD, animation, and visualization.  I am avaliable for freelance motion capture pipeline, realtime digital character creation, set up, scripting and writing.


Work Experience

Huntsville, AL


   CAD and visualization using various CAD software, 3D graphics, and video editing software.


The Ohio State University - ACCAD        Columbus, OH

Graphics Researcher

   My daily responsiblities were to manage ACCAD's motion capture studio as well as research areas of interest in computer graphics.  I taught a motion capture production class during Spring quarter.

   Oversaw the "Jane" project, pursued research in other uses for motion capture (puppetry), oversaw the motion capture database project, and developed a class to cover some basics of video game design.

1999 - 2003

Giant Studios                                                   Atlanta, GA

Senior Technical Director of Motion Capture

   Responsible for managing projects between the Atlanta and Los Angeles offices, managing personnel allocation as well as data transfers and quality control, handling client relations, heading development efforts tailored to specific clients, and helping clients with software problems, software integration, and software utilization.             

Motion Capture Technical Director

   Manage Projects between Atlanta and Santa Monica offices, including pre-shoot setup, running the session, and post production.  Adding expertise and imagination to motion capture R&D efforts as well as coordinating production pipeline.

Biomechanical Engineer

   Lend my previous experience to a start up company in order to get production and project management off to a good start.  Responsible for training others as well as understanding and utilizing proper production pipelines to insure reliable, manageable, workflow.  Use proven delivery practices as well as managing resources to best suit the company’s needs.

1994 - 1998

Acclaim Entertainment                                    Glen Cove, NY

Senior Manager of Motion Capture

   Management of department including developing business plan, developing and maintaining client relations, handling talent, billing clients, management of day to day operations of personnel and department.  Responsible for all decisions relating to daily and future tasks that impact the studio.  Headed all correspondence between my department and all internal and external departments.

Motion Processing Manager

   Responsible for project management and developing production goals and guidelines.  Insured deliverables be on time and on budget under extremely tight deadlines.  Responsible for all R&D efforts as they related to specific projects.  Managed a small team to perform all relevant processing tasks.  Technical liaison between Acclaim and other departments and outside clients.  Responsible for overseeing database development to track and coordinate workflow as well as assist in billing.  Oversaw development of training/reference manual.

Biomechanical Engineer

   Responsible for training others on proprietary software, troubleshooting all existing problems in production, and generating unique solutions to production problems.  Having all knowledge of software and hardware required to produce end product.



Film and Video
2003 Scourge of Worlds(Giant for DKP) Link1, Link2, Link3
~2001 Women In Film Promotional Piece (Giant for Women in Film)
1997 Batman and Robin (Acclaim for Warner Digital) Link1
1996 Everyone Says I Love You (Acclaim for Balsmeyer and Everit)Link1
1995 Batman Forever (Acclaim for Warner Digital) Link1
1995 Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie (Acclaim for Wolf Drum Imaging) Link1
1995 Mortal Kombat: the Journey Begins (Acclaim for RGA/LA) Link1
1995 Mortal Kombat: the Movie (Acclaim for RGA/LA)Link1


2006 Mystery Dinosaur (ACCAD for BraveNewPictures on Discovery) Link1
1999 Toonami (Giant for Turner) Link1
1999 Dole Bobby Banana commercial (Giant for Turner)Link1


Video Games
mid-2000s Scud Buster (testing for HyperKat Games) Link1
mid-2000s SOF/RAIDERS (testing for HyperKat Games)Link1
mid-2000s HyperXBall (testing for HyperKat Games) Link1
2005 S.W.A.T. 4 (Giant for Sierra) (date seems exceptionally late, especially when I remember the mocap beoing done in early 2000s)
2003 True Crime: Streets of L.A. (freelance for Giant for Luxoflux (Activision))
2003 All- Star Baseball '04 (Giant for Acclaim) Link
2002 Turok 4 (Giant for Acclaim)Link
2001 Jurassic Park III (Giant for Savage Entertainment) Link1
2000 Timeline (Giant for Timeline) Link
1999 Break Away Hockey (Acclaim) Link
1998 Turok2: Seeds of Evil(Acclaim) Link
1998 WWF War Zone (Acclaim) Link
1998 Break Away Hockey (Acclaim) Link
1998 All- Star Baseball '00 (Acclaim) Link
1997 Magic the Gathering: Battle Mage (Acclaim) Link
1997 Turok: Dinosaur Hunter (Acclaim) Link
1997 The Crow II (Acclaim)Link
1997 All- Star Baseball '99 (Acclaim) Link
1997 Quarterback Club '98 (Acclaim) Link
1996 Ironman and X-O Manowar in Heavy Metal (Acclaim) Link1Link2Link3
1996 NBA Jam Extreme (Acclaim) Link
1996 Quarterback Club '97 (Acclaim) Link
1996 Frank Thomas's Big Hurt Baseball (Acclaim) Link
1996 Alien Trilogy (Acclaim) Link
1995 Quarterback Club '96 (Acclaim) Link
1995 Foreman For Real Boxing (Acclaim) Link


3D Maya, MotionBuilder, Rhino
3D CAD Siemens I-DEAS 12, NX6.0, Deep Exploration CAD
2D Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Freehand, Fireworks
Video Editing After Effects, Combustion, vReveal
Mocap Vicon Workstation, iQ2.0, proprietary mocap (Acclaim and Giant Studios)
Scripting Python, MEL
Web Dreamweaver
Digital Forensics FTKImager, HELIX, EnCASE


2008 Mocap for Artists- Midori Kitagawa and Brian Windsor - A straight forward how to on motion capture without as much of the technical jargon as sometimes associated with motion capture. We tried to make it direct and straight forward in regards to being able to capture and then use the motion you captured to create 3D animations.
2007 "Game Programming, Fast and Furious". - Peter Carswell and Brian Windsor - Proceedings of the 2007 International Conference on Frontiers in Education: Computer Science and Computer Engineering.
2006 "Capturing Puppets". Proceedings of The 2006 International Conference on Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality.
2005 "Digital Puppetry Through Motion Capture". The Puppetry Journal. Winter 2005.
2004 "Motion Capture for Simulation: Pipeline and Problems". The Huntsville Simulation Conference 2004.
1997  Short article on motion capture. VRNews


2010 Secretary of Defense Medal
2010 Joint Civilian Service Commendation Award
2007 Jim Henson Award for Innovation - Puppeteers of America


2007 Game Programming, Fast and Furious - Peter Carswell and Brian Windsor
- Proceedings of the 2007 International Conference on Frontiers in Education: Computer Science and Computer Engineering
2007 Multi-player Game Programming: Collide This! - Pete Carswell and Brian Windsor
- Presentation at Shawnee 5.0, Shawnee State University, Portsmouth, OH

Realtime Digital Puppets for COSI’s Animation Exhibit - COSI

2006 Capturing Puppets
- Proceedings of The 2006 International Conference on Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality, Las Vegas, NV
2006 Game Design Without Breaking the Bank
- Southeastern Ohio Macromedia Users Group, Athens, OH
2005 ACCAD+mocap
- Shawnee 3.0, Portsmouth, OH
2005 Digital Puppetry through Motion Capture
- Puppetry Journal, pgs. 28-30, Winter 2005, Minneapolis, MN
2005 Practical Motion Capture
- Southeastern Ohio Macromedia Users Group, Athens, OH
2005 Puppetry and Motion Capture
- Puppetfest 2005, St. Paul MN
2005 Video gaming and the TFN
- Third Frontier Network
2004 How to Capture and Edit Human Motion
- Lecture at CCAD's Motion and Emotion Symposia, Columbus Museum of Art Auditorium, Columbus, OH
2004 Motion Capture for Simulation: Pipeline and Problems
- Huntsville Simulation Conference Proceedings, Huntsville Simulation Conference 2004, Huntsville, Alabama
2004 Motion Capture
- Lecture to OSC Summer Institute in BALE. Columbus, OH


1990-1994 Bachelors of Mechanical Engineering, Auburn University, Auburn, AL
2009 Deployable Forensics


Outside of computer graphics, I enjoy spending time with my family, writing, comic books, movies, cars, wood carving (when I have the time), and the outdoors.  In the past I have been a member of the ACM and the Columbus, OH chapter of the International Game Developers Association. I was also the Secretary of the Columbus, OHPuppetry Guild as well as a current member of Puppeteers of America.



Completed SkillPath Project Management Seminar.

Freelance: motion editing for Giant Studios, animation for Battelle, DVD script development for Vextrum Studios, Digital Puppetry for iSeeSoft for Arbonne (realtime digital character performance at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas), PHP scripting and mySQL database development for, mocap training for Ohio State University's Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design.