Went to the 2002 Atlanta Auto Show. Lots of fun, but almost too many people to get very many good pictures. I have to say thanks to David for taking me to the show that day. I also went to the 2004 Columbus Auto show, but because I took Max, I wasn't able to take any pictures. I found out that those large inflatable play areas can be a very good thing when you take a 3 year old to a car show. If you see any pictures that you'd like to see the orginal larger images, please e-mail me.


Buick Bengal concept. I like the suicide door look. Very nice car, but something that I'm sure Buick will never make.
Ford GT.
Ford GT from the rear.
Ford GT from the front.
Mercedes-Benz engine. Can't remember why I was so taken with the engine, but I there was something interesting about it. Maybe it was a V-12? I you have any idea, please e-mail me.
Front view of same engine.
Same Mercedes-Benz engine from the other side.
Acura NSX. I only took this picture because my wife likes these cars so much.
Front view of the Dodge Razor concept. Reportedly it was to be the little brother to the Chrysler Crossfire, but sport a turbo 4 cylinder. It was also suppose to be rear wheel drive and fairly cheap. I liked some of the design of the car, but Dodge was headed in the right direction in other ways. You were suppose to be able to buy this car totally stripped and only add what you wanted. So if you wanted only the highest output engine, no A/C, no radio, etc. you could have done it. Won't the big 3 ever go back to making cars this way?
Front perspective view. I keep thinking that if this had over come out at the low price Dodge was talking about (I seem to remember 12 or 15k for the bare bones version), how long before a new Hemi was dropped in?
Passenger side interior view.
Drivers side interior view.
Razor back view. I really liked the tailpipe treatment, but not a big fan of there being no trunk or hatch. You could only get to the back compartment from inside the car.