One of the perks of working at OSU on staff is that we can occasionally get half price tickets to events around Columbus. When I heard there was a Monster Truck show, I thought Max would enjoy it. We found out the hard way that there was a "jet car" there (think Willys Jeep lowered to a few inches off the ground with a jet engine strapped onto the back). The jet car was a little too much for Max, so we had to take him out of the arena. The funny thing is that after Max calmed down, my wife jumped up and headed back into the arena to see the trucks. I think she had a better time than any of us. If you see any pictures that you'd like to see the orginal larger images, please e-mail me.


What's a truck show without Big Foot?
This is probably the best shot I got. Our digital camera sometimes gives me fits, and this night was one of them.
Yet another truck in the air.
One last truck crushing a few cars.
There were also three stunt motorcycle performers as well. They were performing tricks in mid-air.
Closer view of one of the jumps in mid-air. It's hard to appreciate how high up these guys were getting unless you were there.