Print Publications (Non-Fiction)

Mocap for Artists (2008) - Midori Kitagawa and Brian Windsor - A straight forward how to on motion capture without as much of the technical jargon as sometimes associated with motion capture. We tried to make it direct and straight forward in regards to being able to capture and then use the motion you captured to create 3D animations.

Game Programming, Fast and Furious(2007) - Peter Carswell and Brian Windsor - Proceedings of the 2007 International Conference on Frontiers in Education: Computer Science and Computer Engineering. 2007

Capturing Puppets (2006) Proceedings of The 2006 International Conference on Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality. 2006

Digital Puppetry Through Motion Capture (2005) The Puppetry Journal. Winter 2005.

Motion Capture for Simulation: Pipeline and Problems (2004) The Huntsville Simulation Conference 2004.

 VRNews (1997) Short article on motion capture. (finally found this when cleaning out the garage.)

Print Publications (Fiction)

Lost Worlds  (1997)  Short science fiction story.

Web Publication

   Phic-Shun (1998-2000)  This web site is no longer up and running, but I had 3 different short stories on this site.  It usually ran as a topic based site, so you were presented with a topic and came up with a story that reflected it.  I've contacted the former administrators to see if they'll repost the site somewhere even though it's dead.  So far, no luck. (1998)   This is a comic book web site.  The story was basically a comic book genre story.  This site us now, but I couldn't find any back issues.




Graphic Novel in development with Patrick Kenney. Material revolves around the last battle of Acre in 1291.

Writer for Vextrum Studios

Work for hire. Wrote script for one shot animation production.

Scripter on the Super Special title for Affinity Press.  

Creator of Incredible Things and Dark Urde.

Work for experience and enjoyment.